Reversi App recensioner

Clean & Appreciated

After sifting through half a dozen versions of this game, I really appreciate that Kiss the Machine doesn’t bombard the end user with adds for other games or begs the end user for reviews. This build of reversi is just what I was looking for in a single player app. It’s clean and the AI is fairly challenging on “Advanced”. It doesn’t pull any punches and with three additional skill levels to master (6 total), I’m sure I will have many hours of enjoyment. It features single-player, against AI, and two-player, using the same device. The only down side of this app is that it doesn’t seem to have any on-line game-play, but that doesn’t bother me, so I still give it 5 stars anyway.

Great stuff

I've had this app for a long time and I have always loved it. App is stable and interface is well thought out. It lets you play reversi without making you "feel like" you're doing it on a device.


Says what it does and does what it says.

What a game should be

The interaction is natural and the graphics good. I beat it three times out of three at Beginner level and likewise at Intermediate, but at Advanced level it's diabolical. It lets you think you're winning then destroys your position in four moves. I'm not touching Expert, Master, or Guru levels yet. This game should provide an appropriate level of challenge to nearly all players.

Make Me Think!

I always felt winning was possible after playing several games. My mistakes were easy to correct. It is clear that a two-fold strategy is key to winning at any of the levels. The game instructions are not well-suited with the right amount of information for first-time users. Overall Impressions: The game interests me.

works great

Great features and settings. Great game AI.

Well done

I don't understand what people are complaining about. The AI works great. Beginner is challenging but it forces you to learn the strategy of the game. The increasing difficulty can be beat but you must think very deep to win. Just like in chess. Interface is simple. Animation works. Undo works. Overall a solid game that will keep you busy for hours if you let it.

Splendid game

Thank you

Good overall

But locks up if u try the undo. I would give a 5 star review if not 4 the lock-ups!

Superbly executed game

Don't let all of the whiners dissuade you from getting this game. It is a solidly executed app which plays very well. The Beginner level is, of course, very easy to defeat. But, the Guru level will challenge you every single time. I am able to win consistently at the Expert level, which makes for good gameplay. Get this addictive game!

Great app

Quit whining and learn how to play. The beginner level is a push over.

Good challenge!

Despite what some of the reviews here say, it is not too difficult on beginner. It does become quite challenging at higher difficulty levels tho, which is good :)

Could be fun if it wasn't hard to beat

I have Reversi on my iPod classic and love it. I can actually win This game could be so fun if the beginner and advanced levels were just that. Beginner is more like advanced. I've only won once with this game and that's on beginner level. I'm hoping there will be an update to make the game a little easier. It's nearly impossible to win unless you are the computer.


Defenitly not worth $2

To hard

Othello is an awesome game I really enjoy playing it but this game is way to difficult even on the easiest setting I cannot beat this game even once I think you should change that

Too hard even on easy setting!

I used to love playing Othello when I was growing up and was so looking forward to playing this app. Unfortunately, it's too difficult to win even on the easy setting. After playing it just a few times, I've given up on it. It's no fun if you don't feel like you even have the slightest hope of beating the computer and on the easy setting, you should have at least a 50/50 chance.


Great game! Favorite game app and never gets boring. Must have!!!!

Master level surrendered corner after 16 moves

For no discernable reason. This happened the 2nd time I played it. There is something wrong with that, it basically guarantees a loss (I beat it 46-18).

I love it!

I've downloaded most of the reversi games on the appstore. I keep going back to this one for two reasons: the AI and the graphics. The games are challenging and fun, and the piece flipping animation is really effectively done, especially on the classic board. I play it just to watch it :) Well, not quite. Easily the most played game on my iPhone.


I am disappointed that I can't play against an opponent. No fun to play against yourself. Wasted my $$$. Want refund.

Almost perfect!

Great graphics and gameplay. Statistics and undo. The only complaint I have is that the animations are TOO SLOW. If it is going animate a piece at a time then it really needs to be twice as fast. Otherwise, keep the current speed and turn over all the pieces at the same time like the other versions of this game.

Good stuff

Great interface.

Fun game, but...

...could you add a way to turn off the chip-turning animations? It would make gameplay go much faster. Thanks and keep up the good work!


This is the only game I've been playing more than once or twice. It's simple but freaking difficult to win. My only suggestion would be to make a button to request the hints, versus having them show up automatically after 4 seconds. Most of the time I like to figure out what I would do, then see if what the computer suggests. 4 seconds usually isn't long enough for that.

Free is not always best

For 2 bucks you get someone who will continue to make good games. This game is much better than the others. Enjoy.

Better than Morocco

Morocco is great for free, but for a couple of bucks you can play this and be able to watch the gameplay happen . In Morocco moves happen instantaneously and thus I never know what happened. In Reversi, you can take back moves and it displays what the last move was. This helps a lot if you want to work on improving your game. If your a fan of the game, spend a couple dollars.

The most challenging of the three

As the title suggests, "Reversi" has the most challenging AI of the 3 Reversi/Othello games I've tried so far. Morocco was only able to tie me once on hard (about which I'll not avoid whining about the fact that I was playing half-a**ed due to the lack of challenge) and Othello was a total breeze. Reversi, on the other hand, whoops me completely every time on master difficulty. As other reviewers have mentioned, other features include saving the game on exit, an available moves display, hints (haven't tried, but the AI is obviously good), a scoreboard to keep track of your record, and some very basic instructions. The undo button is also nice in case you accidentally hit the wrong square. The graphics are basic with animation for flipping pieces and sound effects for moves and flips. In all honesty though, I'm not sure a simple game like Reversi really needs much in the way of presentation. I personally would prefer not having to wait for the pieces flip sometimes. One thing that all of these games lack is the ability to play against another person over the network. I, for one, really hope that this feature is eventually added. So if you're looking for more of a challenge than the free apps offer, pony up the whopping $2 (and save a penny for a Tootsie Roll) and I don't think you'll be disappointed. And for those who complain about all of these games being impossible, just learn the rules and practice a little, maybe even look up some strategies (there are a few basic ones that I'm sure will get you past the easy difficulties) and you’ll enjoy this great game.

Best othello with 2 player action

The other free alternatives might have slight better graphics. But this game is true to the original game. Having a 2 player action is just invaluable so much fun to play with friends anywhere. I love it.

The best one

I'm pretty good at othello game and other two free ones are east to beat which make them not worth keeping. This paid one is very competitive. At master level, I won one time out of 5 matches so far. If you only want an othello game for anoccasional entertainmant, get the free ones. This paid one has better graphic movement, sound, and usuful options that make 2 bucks worth paying. No bugs for me so far.

I like this one best

I downloaded this during the app store launch -before I saw the free ones. I had all three until yesterday. I kept this one and removed the other two. The app has been updated twice and it has more features like undo and redo. I do wish I could launch a new game from the main game screen. Please fix.

Time Between Games?

This is a good game, but the time between finishing a game and starting a new game is unacceptable long (tapping the "info" icon after a win/loss). Can this please be fixed in an update?

Buggy But Not Terrible

I love Reversi, and I definitely think this titles animations are far superior to the free Morocco, however, there are quite a few bugs. There is no way to restart a game without force quitting it (hold your Home button for a few seconds until it goes black and back to the home menu). I think once the bug fixes are made, this'll be a great game.

Good, solid Reversi game with nice presentation

Plays a good game of Reversi, with 5 difficulty levels. I was able to beat the Easy and Intermediate levels easily, and I'm about 50-50 with Advanced. Haven't won against Expert or Master. The game is very polished and professional. Despite the other review that claimed it has bugs, I have not had any problems with it and it *does* include instructions. One slight problem is that the "info" button might be too small as sometimes I've had to press it several times before it registered a touch.

A fun, quick, and simple game

This is a solid, attractively designed app for a fair and appropriate price. You can tell the dev put some time and care into building it!

Ok game but has bugs

It took 2 attempts for the game to download. There are no instructions, the "i" or information button in the lower right corner does not work, and there is no way to re-start the game. I have to keep hitting the "back" arrow many times to go to the begining. This gamel needs an update!!!!!!!

It does what is should.

Good value at $1.99. Nice little reversi game with decent graphics and a good interface. Plays a strong game of reversi.

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