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Reversi app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 3728 ratings )
Games Board Strategy
Developer: Kiss The Machine
1.99 USD
Current version: 2.12, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 11 Jul 2008
App size: 11.67 Mb

The classic game of Reversi, also known as Othello, is a much-loved strategy board game. It is often described as taking only a minute to learn but a lifetime to master. Each game only takes a few minutes, making it ideal for your iPhone or iPod Touch. It can be played by all ages. This continues to be one of the most sought-after versions of the game for the natural AI when playing against the CPU and the refreshing, crisp graphics.


- One or two player mode
- Six levels of difficulty from beginner to guru
- Each level has its own style of play
- Strong computer opponent at higher levels
- Fast computer play!
- Hints option to help improve your game play
- Four gorgeously styled boards
- Retina enhanced graphics
- Animated pieces
- Sound effects
- Unlimited undo and redo
- Scoreboard
- Auto-save game in progress
- Can listen to your iPod whilst playing

"There are several free Reversi games in the app store, but none have the breadth of options or depth of AI of this paid version. AppCraver looks forward to seeing what developer Kiss The Machine comes up with next" -

"For those who are serious about playing Reversi and want a serious AI challenge get this one" - best iPhone and iPod Touch games

Pros and cons of Reversi app for iPhone and iPad

Reversi app good for

I tried all free Reversi games. I was a bit dissapointed until I bought this game. The most serious electronical player.
This game has much stronger AI than the other Reversi games. Its the only one worth playing.
Putting my review up from 4 stars to 5. The AI is great, and, as I have gotten better at the game, higher levels continue to provide challenge.
Plays great and easy to enjoy playing. Great AI and graphics.
The game is fine in terms of look, sound, and ease of use, but frak me, the AI is ridiculous! Ive played this game for years but I cant beat the game on Beginner! Im no Einstein, but I should be able to win at that level. I cant imagine what the expert mode must be like. This game needs to be better balanced because the way it is now is simply no fun.
Im still new at Reversi, so I cant comment on the strength of the engine that powers the app, but I like everything else about it. I bought the Mac version first, and liked it so much that I grabbed the iPhone version, and I wasnt disappointed.

Some bad moments

It took 2 attempts for the game to download. There are no instructions, the "i" or information button in the lower right corner does not work, and there is no way to re-start the game. I have to keep hitting the "back" arrow many times to go to the begining. This gamel needs an update!!!!!!!
I am disappointed that I cant play against an opponent. No fun to play against yourself. Wasted my $$$. Want refund.
For no discernable reason. This happened the 2nd time I played it. There is something wrong with that, it basically guarantees a loss (I beat it 46-18).
I used to love playing Othello when I was growing up and was so looking forward to playing this app. Unfortunately, its too difficult to win even on the easy setting. After playing it just a few times, Ive given up on it. Its no fun if you dont feel like you even have the slightest hope of beating the computer and on the easy setting, you should have at least a 50/50 chance.
Othello is an awesome game I really enjoy playing it but this game is way to difficult even on the easiest setting I cannot beat this game even once I think you should change that
I have Reversi on my iPod classic and love it. I can actually win This game could be so fun if the beginner and advanced levels were just that. Beginner is more like advanced. Ive only won once with this game and thats on beginner level. Im hoping there will be an update to make the game a little easier. Its nearly impossible to win unless you are the computer.